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Adventure in Alaska Gold Rush

In the late 1890’s a newspaper headline would cause countless prospectors and pioneers to head far north in the about striking gold and as to the would later on be famously known as the Alaska gold rush. Developing a stampede-like migration, hopefuls were armed with supplies to brave the cold harsh weather and almost unfriendly landscape. Many however, didn’t still make the journey and of those that did, only a few did strike it rich. Nearly a hundred years after all this happened, the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park was created protect the trails, shanties and whatever relics that remained a memento of the gold rush era.

Back in the days, prospectors used the town of Seattle as an outpost before braving the outdoors to finally reach Alaska. Today though, those interested in some good outdoor adventure and reliving the bygone century do not need to make such an arduous journey by landing on Skagway, Alaska. All the action happened on the mountains outside the borough but the starting place for a complete tour could be at the visitor center. A 30-minute video provides an introduction to the borough’s most important bit of history. Also on Skagway is really a historic district that’s made up of the museum and 15 restored buildings including the Moore House and Cabin, and the wooden building of the Mascot Saloon.

If you’re not so much of the intrepid traveler, you are able to still enjoy the Alaska gold rush historical sights aboard comfortable a motorcoach or train ride tours. The White Pass Trail could be enjoyed on the ‘Scenic Railway of the World’ that takes you up to up to 2,865 ft. The trip isn’t just a historical one but provides you with the most breathtaking views. Other train rides which should not be missed include the Fraser Meadows Excursion and the Yukon Adventure. You may even opt to have a connecting motorcoach from one of the train excursions.

The adventurous type on the contrary, should not miss trekking on the Chilkoot Trail that is operated by the National Park Service. This 33 mile historic trail is well-liked by backpackers mainly because it was the original trail that the gold hopefuls took during the Alaska gold rush days. Completing the trail would take 3 to 5 days however, you may also opt to combine horse riding and boat tours about this trail adventure.