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Dolphin Watch in Key West Florida

There are hundreds of dolphins in the waters surrounding Key West, Florida, making dolphin watch tours a high point for many tourists. In fact, dolphin watching is so popular that local dolphin experts have put policies in place to help protect the areas dolphins from exuberant tourists. Even though they’re wild, the bottlenose dolphins in Key West are typically curious and interested in the boats and people who have come so far to watch them. So you’re very likely to come across at least a few during your dolphin watch excursion.

Key West dolphin watch trips are created to give you the thrill of observing dolphins up close, without bothering the dolphins or interfering with their normal activities. Visitors of all ages are going to treasure a dolphin expedition. Dolphin watch expeditions are both fun and educational for the whole family.

Everyone wants to make sure that the dolphins don’t become a victim of their own popularity. It’s particularly moving for lots of folks whenever dolphins are observed in their native home in the sea. You’ll view them catching fish, going and playing singly and in big pods. Considering that they have a whole lot of natural intelligence, you are able to observe them carefully from a safe distance…safe both for you, and for the dolphins.

People are entranced by bottlenose dolphins because of their beauty and grace, and the special relationship they seem to have with our species. In fact, there are many confirmed reports of wild dolphins rescuing people in the water who need help. About 8 years ago, four lifeguards who were swimming off Ocean Beach in New Zealand were surrounded by a group of dolphins for almost an hour when the swimmers were being threatened by a great white shark.

Most The Key West dolphin tours last about four hours, which gives you plenty of time to observe dolphins and the wealth of marine life they share the ocean with. Tour operators provide everything that a Key West tourist needs to enjoy a day on the water, including snorkeling gear, snacks and beverages. They’ll help you put on your gear and get into the water safely and easily. But be sure to bring sunscreen and a waterproof camera so you can record photos of your dolphin watch adventure.

Dolphin watching is just one of the eco tourism options that are available in the Florida Keys. Others include sea kayaking tours in the Backcountry and seaplane and ferry excursions to the Dry Tortugas, a coral atoll 70 miles west of Key West.