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Explore Valley Of Flowers

Mesmerizing beauty of nature is appealing and it comes with no validity. Weather changes as the year passes by continuously, but the natural exquisiteness of India remains to be attractive. Moreover, the valleys covered by flowers magnetize tourists every now and then. Northern India has significantly magnetized people of various ethnicities with its excellent snow covered hills and gorgeous valleys. To be precise, Uttaranchal is the hub of valleys and mountains where pleasant temperature can always be witnessed throughout the year. Valley of flowers is a national park which is situated in Garhwal region at a high altitude among the mountain ranges of Himalayas. In fact, this valley is the heart of India for the nature lovers.

In addition, the valley of flowers is known for natural charm due to its wide variety of flora and fauna. The landscape of this lush green park entices tourists to an extent that travelers select valley for their excursion trips primarily. This location of west Himalayas is a home to over 520 species of plants and the endangered animals can be found here. It is apparent that wild animals those are on the verge of extinction can be found here. If you are interested in spending leisure hours by trekking or going on adventure tours, then, valley of flowers will serve your purpose accurately. The steep slopes can be witnessed by you while trekking through the Himalayas.

In addition, when you continue with adventure sports in this part of Uttaranchal, then, your attention will be attracted by species of fauna those were never seen. Probably, these wild animals would have been present in other parts of India, but, with the passage of time, they got endangered. Musk deer, bharal, Himalayan black and brown bears, are among the list of animals those prove to be a sight-seeing treat for eyes. Mountaineers can move along the Himalayas and their tour of valley of flowers trek can perfectly executed. On a contrary, the adventure enthusiasts must be pre-equipped with few warm clothes because of the cool climate which tends to get even more chilled after reaching the high altitude during trek sessions.

You might be surprised to explore many birds those were never seen before ranging from griffin, Himalayan golden eagle to sparrow hawk. The extensive vegetation of valley in terms of flora as well as fauna is very rich. Hence, this destination is appropriate for trekkers and tourists who are looking for busting stress by enjoying natural splendor of the valley. It is worth mentioning that the traces of mythological importance have been prevalent in this valley covered with flowers. To be precise, the herb called ‘Sanjivani booti’ was extracted by Hanuman (Indian God) for curing injured Lakshman, Lord Rama’s brother. Indian mythological history is very in-depth, but, undoubtedly, this valley is valued immensely for having its legendary roots. On a whole, the valley of flowers( can be visited for regular touring purpose or trekking in order to get rejuvenated. Positive vibes of the area surrounding entire valley relaxes your mind effectually.